How A Jewish Woman Likes to Dress

Clothing plays a significant role in Judaism. They are a symbol of religious identification, social status, and the Jews’ relation to the outside world. Modesty is a priority for both Jewish men & women, since Jewish culture emphasis more on the soul than the physical features. Married Jewish women typically cover their hair, which reflects their marital status.

A Jewish woman’s dress code is determined by the section of Jewish law, which is known as “Tznius,” which translates from Hebrew to modesty or privacy. Women are required to dress in a conventional way, cover hair, wear skirts of appropriate lengths. Also, dresses and sleeve lengths vary by group.

jewish clothes

Depending on which group they belong, women observe all, a few or none of these clothing regulations:

1: Tops

Women who belong to Haredi groups wear blouses and shirts with sleeves that end underneath the elbow. The collar of the shirt should cover the women’s collarbone and neck area. But in some ultra-Orthodox groups, women wear a loose-fitting vest over the shirt. Also, these clothing should not attract a lot of attention, for example deep colors like pink or red.

2: Bottoms

Skirts or dresses that end at the lower part of the leg considered as the most respectable bottoms, which are worn by Orthodox Jewish women. All Orthodox and some Modern Orthodox women don’t wear pants in front of men. Additionally, most Orthodox women don’t wear open-toed shoes. However, some women will wear sandals, but only with thick socks or stockings that don’t expose the skin. Also, stockings are always worn underneath the skirt or dress.

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