Fall’s Favorite – Long Sweaters for Women


Perhaps, fall wouldn’t be just as dreamy if it weren’t for the colors donned by women in the season. One can very well understand that eclectic hues taking form of mufflers, cardigans, pullovers, sweatshirts, long coats and last but certainly not the very least -basic sweaters. It seems the fashion to wear your woolen knits as way of long sweaters from the 70’s has never really left the limelight for every year we see glimpses of it being adorned on celluloid or on ramp walks.

And just in case if you thought that women’s knit sweaters wouldn’t have much room for experiment then you are in for a surprise. They upright differ with from being made with different materials like acrylic and lycra to being made of varying lengths to accommodate a range of definite looks for instance social commitments to work-wear looks. One look at Pinterest and you’ll know what I’m saying. These sweaters are molded to give form to tops or a low and high rise sweater with cuffed hems. There are others with frills like mufflers and cowl necks incorporated into their sweaters.

The other utility efficient tweaks made into these long sweaters for women has been the addition of deep pockets on the side to keep one’s hands warm. Some also come along with detachable hoodies which further keeps your ears warm and saves you from a bad hair day. The innovation and creativity brought into this outfit calls for little to no effort in terms of accessorizing. Just team it up with a nice pair of black warm tights, or skinnys and you are good to go. It’s an absolute no-fuss-glam -look which speaks volumes on not only effortless styling but utility and efficiency.

Not to mention the new zipper accents found on the shoulder patches or side panel also gives new meanings to the monotonous long sweaters and is quite popular with the Millennials. Such sweaters for women are ubiquitous and easily makes it from fashion corridors to street alleys taking the street -fashion game a notch higher.

The New Wave in Cosmetics Is Halal Cosmetics

Admit it ladies, the love for cosmetics for a woman is an unending love affair which only grows deeper with time. I’m sure almost all of us remember our first brush with lipsticks in secret, hidden away from our mothers which gave us new thrills. Well, on that note we could probably sum up that cosmetics are an easy outlet to women’s creativity and passion and the big brands make all the moolah encashing on this weak nerve of women.


Well, but all is not so good in this La la land as for years many NGO’s and other liberal social circles have been fighting against animal testing done on small animals for their products. The big corporations are yet to find an alternative humane way to test their products and are in constant legal waters with the likes of such organizations. The other thing which is equally disturbing is the raw material used in making such cosmetics which deems it equally unacceptable by certain faiths. The use of animal fat namely pig fat, whale fat etc. causes much emotional duress as well as lends itself to give a thought on the ecological impact for such purposes.

Thus, there are many women of faith who now advocate for ‘halal’ practices, or halal raw materials to be used in making such cosmetics which has thus given rise to Halal cosmetics. These are made using natural fibers and natural Dyes. While some are plant based others are made out of chemicals which are not harmful on the human skin. You now have many products in the market with the likes of Halal nail polish or halal lipsticks. They are fashioned in such a way as to make water permeable on the nail enamel and lips respectively. The products which are deemed haram in cosmetics basically stop water to come in contact with the skin which is a necessary condition for completing wudu (ritualistic cleansing of face, hands and legs) before performing salah. This is great news for women who are sensitive to such issues and can now continue their passion for everything make-up. After all, give a woman a right lipstick and she’ll conquer the world.

Modest Clothes Bring out the Beautiful in You


What many people fail to see is that Modest clothing or modesty in dressing is not your regular fashion fad or season’s latest grab but it’s a way of life. Thereby moving beyond the superficiality of brands, and commercialism as instilled by the world of advertising modest clothing makes a statement on its own.

Since modest dressers are also commonly seen as power dressers for they reserve the right on their body to decide what to show and what not to, there’s always a shade of sharpness to the way they carry themselves with much élan. Modest Clothing also carries undertones of being neat and defined and successfully manages to cover one’s body. Alternatively, such dressers command a lot of respect from the society at large for people value them for their self-worth and not for their physical attributes.

Off late there have been a number of movements to bring out such modest dressers on to the mainstream media and many modest dressers actively participating or holding on to key positions and roles in the society. Ibtihaj Mohammad, Noor Tagouri and Dina Tokio are many such celebrated examples of women in sports media and fashion respectively holding on to the mantle of modesty in turbulent times of Islamophobia. One also has to note that, modest dressers are not only related to a particular faith or community but are united in ideology across the visible segregated lines of race, faith and gender.

Modest Clothes are also easier to source from your wardrobe as there’s no particular brand, faith or designer who has the sole proprietorship on this trend. However, one could find many Fashion gurus and experts online doling out excellent tips and tricks to up one’s style game and add an element of finesse into their looks. Charting online one could see a hybridity of modern contemporary looks modeled on traditional scarves, Abayas, thobes and robes. While one could always resort to DIY tricks while fiddling with layering and a dash of creativity, there now are huge mainstream contemporary fashion brands, appeasing its modest buyers with their customized range attuned to the taste of the modest dressers.

Versatile Muslim Tunics Are for Everyone


So what exactly does one mean by Muslim Tunics? Is it Tunics which are only worn by Muslims or do they have some special Muslim Characteristics? Well, the truth is that it’s a little bit of both these statements and yet not entirely true. People from the south Asian community know these Muslim Tunics by a more familiar name in the colloquial language and it too a large extent resembles a part of a daily garment worn regularly and that’s salwar -kamiz. The kamiz over here is also known as a Kurti. But to answer the question a Muslim Tunic has a characteristic long length and amply covers the bottom thus making it compliant with Islamic ethics of dress-code. They generally extend to knee lengths or beyond and are asymmetric in nature.

On the other side of the world, these long tunics are worn by women of various faiths and not only relegated to a particular faith or community. The plus side to this outfit is the sheer versatility it offers in terms of teaming it together with layering, be it cigarette pants, leggings, palazzos, jeans or trousers, the possibilities are endless. Similarly, you get to experiment with such vivid varieties of patterns,prints and cuts.You have the usual round hemmed, square hemmed, tent hemmed and long and short hemmed cuts which sell like hot cakes in the market. Alternatively,the women who don’t don hijab or are not too particular about teaming it with a legging are often seen wearing such tunics as dress. There are also ample varieties of tunic dresses which are tweaked to perfection to fit into the wardrobe of every women be it Hijabi or non-Hijabi. Further, a plethora of colors add the much needed fancy to team it up with skater jackets, cardigans and vests.

Didn’t I mention they are versatile, adjusting to a variety of stylists and manages to amp up their style quotient. So these Muslim Tunics are pretty life savers for any occasion, whether you are short on time to piece together an outfit for hangout or a breezy brunch or quiet day all by the books on your couch, you’ll find them handy and quiet affordable. So what are you waiting for grab yours if you haven’t already!

The Apt Eid Gift – Prayer Rugs

Prayer Rugs or Jaenemazas they call it forms one of the most popular gifting options when it comes to religious Islamic ceremonies or any other significant ceremonies like the Qur’an completion and is often gifted to newlyweds as well in South Asian Culture. For many not well endowed with Islamic culture, a prayer rug at most would be reminiscent of Alladin’s flying carpet from the Arabian nights and hence it’s quite understandable given the similar appearance.

A prayer Rug is traditionally used in Islam as way of a mat where one offers salah. Across cultures and geographies the length of the mat varies accordingly and there’s no such significant adherence to a particular length appropriated Islamically. There are certain common stock motifs used in such Prayer rugs like the Crescent moon, Masjid Al Aqsa. Masjid Al Haram, Mecca and Medina. Apart from such popular Islamic Imagery, one could also fish out the usual asymmetric, geometrical patterns or designs. One destination which is particularly famous for its rich intricate interwoven designs is Marrakech so much so that’s certain inspired patterns are even sold as wall -art. The souks (marketplaces) in such areas breeze with the flavor of mint tea haggling customers. No wonder such mats are increasingly found in European art.


You’d often find a variety of prayer mats donned in different materials like, jute mixed blend, velvet and polyester or even polymer. Such Polymers are used specifically to meet the demands of mobile Jaenemaaz i.e. mats which easily fold into a cover bag and could be carried by people who are always on the move. It also facilitates people who are travelling on road and hence wouldn’t want to soil their expensive or everyday Jaenemaz. And the fact that a foldable prayer rug is typically light -weight, it forms a better durable option for long journeys.

Other popular prayer rugs also include rugs specially catered towards the children. They are short in length and come in eye popping colors to induce them in the habit of offering salah while aping their parent in salah movements. Many young ones enjoy reciting duas and knowing the basics of salah while learning to perform on their own customized salah mats.

Check out the Latest Islamic Tunics in Sports Wear

So what exactly do you mean by Islamic Tunics? For the uninitiated, it speaks of Modest piece of clothing which is deemed halal in Islamic decorum of dressing up. It should meet the simple criteria of being non-flimsy, non- flattering, and sufficiently long enough to cover one’s torso. Well, that’s the basic idea of any clothing being Islamic.



Increasingly, Daily wears, too are roping in elements of modest clothing. Something as simple as a hooded jacket is customized to almost give way to a hijab for the women. The jackets are made long enough for modest dressers and hence gives way to hooded tunics. This has majorly branched out to give form to Islamic sports-wear. And it also gives credence to the fact with many Hijabi sports-women wearing modest clothing and covering their heads at the ongoing Olympics, 2016. Many women from Egypt could easily be seen wearing tunics and jackets with hoods modified hijabs.

SportsTunic EastEssence

However, we do allow room for creativity and hence almost all modest tunics do have an element of fancy embedded in it. Be it the fabrics like chiffon, and varied variety or the weave like Croatia knits, these tunics have been explored in more ways than one all over the world. Another thing to go by is that Islamic Tunics for women aren’t only for Muslims but for anyone who is a modest dresser and that’s found in many communities.So for all those sports enthusiasts who initially felt jittery with the lack of appropriate sports-wear have their grievances addressed in the name of Islamic tunics. They are generally teamed with coordinated tracks and hence keep up with the many fancy combinations available in the markets.

The material for such fabric generally ranges from stretch lycra to medium weight polyester and accommodates many utilities in its make. You have pockets on side cuts and bottoms and a detachable hood or a combination Hijab with the purchase of many such Islamic tunics. The material fabric of such clothing keeps on improving with innovation and technology thereby making the fabric adept for its cause. Currently many intense physical training and activities require lycra which is deemed as a breathable fabric. This is a ground breaking move to make an effort of accepting of all communities by being all inclusive.

Easy to Buy Fancy Niqab Online


Niqab‘s been much revered as part of Islamic cultural appropriation. For the uninitiated, Niqab stands for face veil and in certain stricter codes of Islamic jurisprudence this part of clothing is also made compulsory in certain states. The face veil is fashioned on the face in a manner that it only leaves the eyes to be seen. The piece of fabric often extends from the head-gear i.e. hijab or forms a part of the cloak burqa/Abaya/jilbaya or may form an exclusive accessory on its own.

For women who do buy niqab online seem to have already developed a taste in knowing their personal style and hence it becomes easier for them to go the traditional route of retail. Just as with everything else, Niqab too, is open for self -expression as it’s with its popular counterparts like Chador, Abaya, jilbaya, Burqa and Hijabs. However, the simplest of its version could be found in the form of a band elastic string tie which is wound around the forehead to maintain a firm grip on the face.

niqab Eastessence

With Ecommerce galloping its pace towards the end consumers, we women couldn’t be happier. Popular Niqabs which were once the cynosure of International Runways or boutiques in far away lands have now opened themselves to the overwhelming Muslim population by way of its online presence. Thus to buy fancy niqabs is no more an uphill task.

Amidst the different styles of Niqabs, women generally take to what naturally goes with their personal comfort. Be it the popular Arabic Niqabs with Nose cords or the Eyes only Full Face cover up Niqabs; we see, it has become much more easier to navigate, desire, customize and buy Niqabs for the modest Muslim women. Also, the other erstwhile popular Batula -form of face veil if it may be called so with quite a fandom with women of older generation too has been making a surprise trend from the vault. It’s a metal piece covering the nose bridge and extending to the back of the head. It’s some sort of a head-gear extending to mask the face. The metal varies with different regions.