Now Easily Get Trendy and Modern Hijab Online

The world is getting modernize rapidly, but still, there are few traditional aspects that are in trend too. The best example is the ‘hijab’ that persists even now. However, nowadays women carry the hijab in different ways so that it looks trendy and fashionable.

Hijab is a long veil that covers the complete head and face of the women except for eyes. It is a part of the Islamic culture and generally, the women belong to this culture wear this as it is the custom of their religion. However, as the world is getting trendy, they do not want to look odd among other women following western culture. Therefore, the urge of wearing new and fashionable hijab is common to them. Moreover, with so many options available in the market it is possible to follow the tradition and at the same time look classy. Wearing hijab does not anymore stop you from looking stylish, it even adds to your beauty and modesty.

lace hijabs

There are multiple ways to carry modern hijab, but matching it right with the other outfits is the key to get a glamorous look. The hijab can be wear with the jilbab, which is a long and loose outfit carried by many Muslim’s. You can wear the hijab, which is contrasting or of the same color, with your jilbab. Apart from this, you can carry it with your casual clothes, jeans, shrugs, etc.

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You can even take inspiration to wear the modern hijab in stylish ways in order to give you an overall elegant and beautiful look. Moreover, there are numerous offers associated with these hijabs and you can avail some great discount. With East Essence, it is very simple to shop for hijabs. You just need to choose the hijab(s) you want to buy, and the payment can be done online. The shipping is absolutely free, so it is the best platform to do hijab online shopping without any hassles, at the comfort of your home.


Buy Elegant and Trendy Kaftan Abaya Online

It is obvious, that every season comes out with something new in terms of fashion trends. Kaftan abaya is one of these trending dresses and is getting popularity all around the globe. Kaftan Abaya is a garment that is made up of a light fabric like muslin or cotton, which touches the ankles with its long wide sleeves.

Traditionally, these abayas are very dark dresses, generally a shade of black or brown and are seldom adorned with the silver or any other color. Nevertheless, now designers are giving these garments a more modern and brighter look by using numerous colors. In fact, some of these abayas are even designed with the shades of copper and gold. This can add an additional touch and bold appeal, which can increase the style sensibilities of women.

kaftan abayas

As a matter of fact, that Kaftans are much loved by Muslim women and are in vogue, the demand for them is increasing tremendously. Women have always a natural flair to look beautiful and this desire makes them very much inquisitive to experiment various possibilities they can produce out of their Abaya and Hijab. Moreover, there is nothing incorrect in doing so, unless, it does not expose your body.

Therefore, now the question is that where to find these trendy and stylish Abayas? Is it easy to get to them? To resolve this dilemma, has taken the responsibility to serve all the women who want to have unique and fashionable abayas. Certainly, there are various online store for the same; however, eastessence brings out a huge variety of choices in front of the users, and its website is very simple to access.

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Brace your winter’s with the beauty of pashmina

Pashmina rings a bell when you are thinking of shawls. That is what the term ’Pashmina’ has become synonymous to. But what is more amazing is the literal translation of Pashmina. Originating from the valleys of Kashmir, it is also referred to as “Soft Gold” or in Persian as “made from wool”. The softness, lightness and warmth of this kind of wool have earned it this name.

The beauty and royalty of Pashmina can be only felt in the purest fashion that it has been manufactured since ages. Spotted in Kashmir for the very first time, the wool from Pashmina comes from ‘Changthangi ‘or Kashmir Pashmina goat from the Changthang plateau in Kashmir region, the Malra from Kargil area situated in Kashmir region, the Chegu hailing from Himachal Pradesh in northern India and Pakistan, and Chyangara or Nepalese Pashmina goat from Nepal.

pashmina shawls

Such is the elegance and history of the Pashmina shawls that they have been mentioned in the Afghan texts between the period of 3rd century BC and the 11th century AD. One of the most famous and sought after Pashmina fabric is a 70% Pashmina and 30% silk blend. Some refer to Pashmina as ultra fine cashmere fiber while others address it as a blend of cashmere and silk.

These beautiful pieces of cloth are also called cashmere wool, and have been in high demand due to the luxurious feel they give while wearing. One can wear Pashminas with beautifully embroidered salwar kameez and dresses as well. They are available for both men and women, and are designed with intricate motifs and patterns, which give Pashmina shawl an elegant and charming look.

Shawls and scarves are made out of this ultra fine and comfort oozing Pashmina fabric, and are now available online also. You can now buy these stunning looking Pashmina shawls at online stores like where you will find a wide range of trendy looking Pashmina shawls. Worn during winters as shawls Pashmina blends warmth and grace beautifully.

You can make a choice of our own Pashmina and get it delivered at your doorstep as these shawls are very delicate and cannot be exposed to high tension. While going for an evening walk, a party or the first day of college, Pashmina can be worn as a scarf, in the form of stole around your waist or placed on one side of your shoulder. These beauties give you the classy and fine look with the quality and regality this fine piece of fabric exudes. Shopping for Pashmina shawls online is now relatively easy due to the fashion quotient it adds to your clothing.

The graceful modesty of islamic men’s clothing

Just as Islamic women have a defined dress code that comes within the qualities of modesty and simple wear, Islamic Clothing for men have similar criteria except certain differences that differentiate Islamic men clothing from Islamic women’s clothing. Islamic men clothing is much less restrictive than women in the Islamic culture. According to the Islamic code of clothing men are permitted not to wear women’s clothes, and vica versa. The appropriate Islamic clothing for men has the following codes:

1. They must cover their awrah (from the navel to the knee) when in the vicinity of women they are not related with.
2. They must not dress themselves in gold, silver or any glitzy wear which is ostentatious.
3. They should make sure that their lower garment is above the ankles.

One of the clothing that defines Islamic clothing for men is the Thobe worn by Islamic men. The Thobe is a long sleeved gown like garment donned essentially by men from the Arabian Peninsula. The Thobe is mainly available in white, but can also be found in other pleasant colors as well.

Another kind of Islamic wear for men is the Kufi, which is a rounded cap which is brimless and is popularly worn by men from North Africa, East Africa, Western Africa and South Asia. It is also known as ‘topi’ in the Indian sub context.

Scarves are yet another form of style statement carried elegantly by Islamic men over their kurtas. These scarves come in eclectic patterns and designs which make them look like a handsome fashion accessory to be flaunted. These scarves are worn. These scarves are also known as keffiyeh, and are worn by Islamic men of all ages be it around the head or placed on the shoulders. These scarves are an integral part of Islamic men wear.

Embroidered kurtas with ‘chikan’ work or handwork look delightful when worn by Islamic men as clothing. These kurtas along with scarves give a very royal and graceful look to mean wearing them during occasions, festivals or even as everyday wears.

Shopping for these wide variety of Islamic wear has become a common phenomenon via the online platform. One of them is that brings to you an interesting and multifaceted range of Islamic wear for men ranging from embroidered sets, kufis, kurtas, and scarves to Thobe, hoodies and pants. Shopping via online makes it easier to choose from. You can get attractive offers, price range and variety online. Also after shopping online, these wonderful goodies are parceled right at your doorstep.

A Trip down the designer lane of salwar kameez

Dressing yourself in a beautiful pair of salwar kameez makes for an elegant and classy look. The Salwar Kameez is a traditional Indian outfit that serves as a wonderful outfit which is fashionable, but at the same time it is comfortable and easy to wear. The salwar kameez was designed for the purpose of ‘comfort in fashion’ and can be worn on an everyday basis. It is also referred to as the national dress of Pakistan but is worn in India as well. The trend has become such that salwar kameez has undergone evolution in every generation, to suit the needs and requirements of the particular age.

Be it hosting parties, going for events or just simply travelling, Salwar Kameez is the perfect solution for you. There is a variety of salwar kameez design online from where you can take your pick from. Salwar Kameez can be embroidered, handcrafted, stitched or in beautiful printed patterns.

embroidered salwaar kameez

There is so much to choose from and wear according to what looks perfect on you. Some of the salwar kameez designs you can find online are:

1. Chikan Work – hails from the nawabi city of Lucknow that swears by the intricacy and beauty of Chikankari, which renders a simple piece of salwar kameez with such grace. Floral Resham Thread Work Salwar Kameez-

2. Floral Resham Thread Work Salwar Kameez– This is a kind of embroidery that renders the salwar kameez with a stunning touch.

3. Zardosi– can also be described as the ancient craft of sewing gold and silver threads on a cloth. This form of art hails from the land of Persia and makes for a very unique piece of salwar kameez design. This art grew much during the rule of the Mughal Emperors in the 17th century. Nowadays, in zardosi you will witness a combination of copper wire with silver or golden polish and silk threads

4. Phulkari– is a kind of design that is synonymous to the yellow ‘sarson ke khet’ of Punjab in its full glory. As the name suggests Phulkali speaks of a kind of embroidery of flower motifs on fabric, mostly done by local women. This form of art on salwar kameez is one of its kind and makes for a very attractive salwar kameez.

5. Kashidakari – is the kind of embroidery of salwar kameez that comes from the beauteous landscape of Kashmir. Legend says that this art form was ushered in by a Kashmiri saint brought this skill to Kashmir. Kashidakari comprises of the flora of the state.

6. Mirror Work– is the form and design of embroidery wherein the shisha work of Gujarat and Rajasthan is highlighted. This kind of artwork is available in three kinds namely hand blown shisha, machine cut shisha and shisha embroidery.

These kinds of designer salwar kameez are available online on platforms that showcase them in a tasteful fashion. You can buy these embroidered salwar kameez online at stores like where a wide variety of such designs are available at attractive prices.


The subtle magic of modern islamic clothing

Islamic Clothing has been an amalgamation of grace, subtlety and comfort. Islamic clothing has been built on the principle of modesty and simplicity above all. The aura of grace and understatement is what distinguishes Islamic culture from the rest of the world. They have a distinct taste of clothing that makes for a very unique fashion statement. Muslims have a different set of clothing for the inside, outside and religious occasions or gatherings. Covering the legs, feet, arms and the head is the basic clothing requirement that men and women follow as Modesty is what essentially defines Islamic Clothing for men and women. In Islamic culture the clothing of a person synchronizes with their practical, religious, social, cultural, and political considerations.

modern islamic clothing

Presently Muslims have preference of wearing modern clothing which is traditional and sophisticated as well, as culture has always been an important element behind clothing. The dresses they wear should not attract fame, vanity or fancy in any way. Practicality and Comfort has been another feature in shaping modern Islamic clothing choices. A loose fitting kaftan or burqa is more comfortable and airy than a tight fitting pair of jeans. Islamic clothing for men and women both protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun and helps in eliminating excessive moisture or perspiration.

Loose fitting clothes do not restrict the pace of work and women can complete their household chores easily. In desert areas hijabs can be used as a means to covering your head from any dust or sand and in colder and mountainous regions Islamic clothing, kurtas, salwar kameez etc. can act as a shield from the harsh winter and provides you with the much needed warmth. Loose fitting garments save you from unnecessary exposure and help you sit comfortably anywhere without worrying about your skin showing inappropriately,

modern islamic clothing 2.png

Islamic Men and Women Clothing is such that they can wear at all hours of day. Their dresses range from embroidered kurtis, kaftans to salwar kameez and burqa that are embroidered with colorful designs. The additional stone, embroidery and handwork endow Modern Islamic Clothing with a modern, elegant and royal look. Islamic men wear beautiful skullcaps with pathani suit and women have a variety of choices to pick from.

There are Islamic clothing stores that keep wonderful Modern Islamic Clothing, but it is the online platform that has weaved its magic because of its wider variety, customization and affordable pricing, is one such online stop shop that hones in giving you the most exquisite and wide variety of Modern Islamic Clothing that syncs well with the younger generation of today. You can order from here and delivery will be done right at your doorstep at an estimated date of delivery. Physical shopping can take more time and energy whereas online shopping consumes less of your time and does not compromise on quality.


Kaftan kurti-the new traditional wave of fashion

Made from cashmere, wool, silk, cotton Kaftans can also be donned as a sash. The Kaftan, which is a form of Kurti derives its origins from Ottoman Sultans, who wore kaftans that included the colors, patterns, ribbons, and buttons and as a result also spoke of their ranks. Throughout times, the kaftans have acquired their own fashion and are worn by both the genders in a stylish manner. The culture of wearing of Kaftan was due to its light-weight, loose-fitting nature symbolizing royalty with its rich and intricate fabric and design.

Kaftan Kurtis can be got in many forms be it wearing it for parties or social gatherings or be it purchasing it as Daily Wear Kurtis for office wear or home wear. Comfort and style is what go hand in hand when you decide to buy a Kurti. Embroidered Kurtis are one such highlight, with intricate and detailed work that make the Daily Wear Kurtis also transform in to something exquisite and fashionable. The word ‘kurta’ originates from Urdu, Hindustani and marks its early origins from either Sanskrit kuratu/kurtaka or Persian that literally translates in to ‘collarless shirt’.


The kurti is mostly worn in places like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and even Nepal. The style of wearing kurtis over skirts, jeans, trousers has become so famous that it is worn widely all around the world rendering it with a distinctiveness and beauty of tradition, style and grace. Kurtis are worn in different styles in every part of India like Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat or Uttar Pradesh where kurtis are worn in a large number by women as well as young girls.

Embroidered Kurtis can be studded with lace, beads, stones or pearls further adding a customized look to them. Kurtis are now worn due to the ease and mobility it gives, and blends contemporary fashion with tradition. Kurtis can be designed in different styles like chikankari, cut-work, appliqu etc and are stitched on smooth and comfortable fabrics like silk, cotton, chiffon, crepe or georgette. Khadi kurtis are also in fashion now due to the sophisticated look they entail. Kurtis are now available in a variety of styles and have evolved over the years like the Angarakha style among the many dazzling Kurti designs. A line style and kurta style are the other two versions widely available

Instead of physically going to the market, and not finding your choice and size of Kurti it is now easy to place an order online and get your beautifully Embroidered Kurti delivered at your doorstep with all the requirements for size, color and variety in line with what you exactly want. One such online portal you can purchase online from is that delivers you with some of the best designed Kurtis, and gives you an array of options to choose from. When you shop online you not only save time but also save cost and energy of going out and physically haggling for discounts.